Short introduction to Aarhus

Dear guest

Here is a short guide to our neighbourhood. Hope that you will have a wonderful stay in our house in Aarhus. This is our personal guide – the officiel one is here.

The Old City (one of the top attractions in Jutland)

Den Gamle By – “The Old Town” – was founded in 1909 as the world’s first open-air museum of urban history and culture.
75 historical houses from all over Denmark shape the contours of a Danish town as it might have looked in Hans Christian Andersen’s days, with streets, shops, yards, homes and workshops.

Address: Viborgvej 2, 8000 Aarhus C

Aros (one of the finest museums in Denmark with wonderful collection of modern art and art from 1900 century)

Main attraction is the rainbow panorama – walk in a big rainbow of colored glass on top of the museum and watch the city. Excellent for children and adults. Don´t miss the basement with interesting video art. Not the usual crap. This is actually fun – also for small children.

Address: Aros Alle 2, 8000 Aarhus C

DOKK1 – highly recommended
At Dokk1 you will have the chance for experience and activity as well as for tranquillity and contemplation. In the new building you will find media, a café, project rooms, halls and study cells. DOKK1 has several playgrounds among the best in Aarhus. It is fun to park in the underground parking lot (one of the biggest automatic parking lots in Europe). From Dokk1 you have a great view of Aarhus and the harbour. It has quickly become a popular meeting place for locals.
Address: Hack Kampmanns Plads 2, 8000 Aarhus C

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Moesgaard Museum – One of the finest museums in Denmark to explore the past. One of the most modern museums in Europe

Many exhibitions in Moesgaard Museum are interactive, visual and with nice storytelling. Build in 2014 this modern museum is probably one of the best places to explore the history of Denmark. Great exhibitions during time. For instance the museum has had an exhibition about China’s Terracotta Army. Good exhibiton about Vikings, the hunter period etc. You can sit on the roof and enjoy the view. Close to the old watermill, the beach and good walking oppurtinities.


Address: MOESGÅRD ALLÉ 15, 8270 Højbjerg

Godsbanen – where hipsters and young people in Aarhus hang out

Godsbanen in the center of Aarhus has nice playgrounds, graphiti a young cool atmosphere. You will find scaters hanging out here, streetart, small cafe´s and culturel events and concerts. Nice place to hang out in the sun – recommended to families as well as those who wan´t anonther touch of Aarhus.



Djurs Sommerland – the biggest fun park in Scandinavia

This is for children! Play and have fun the whole day. One of the best things with the summerland is the big park and many entertainments. Come early as you can use the whole day. When you have paid at the entrance all amusement is for free afterwards. Possible to bring a picknic bag. The summerland has grill and it is allowed to bring your own food and barbecue.

Address: Randersvej 17 / 8581 Nimtofte / Tel. +45 86398400 (driving distance 45 minuters)

Legoland – Fun park with the famous lego

Legoland is a popular attraction. All attractions in the funpark is build of Lego – sometimes many million pieces. Lots of entertainment for children. Come early or choose a rainy day.  It can get crowdy.

Address: Nordmarksvej DK-7190  Billund (driving distance about a hour)

Ree Park Safari with animals from four continets
Driving distance 47 km. Nice park where the animals have lots of space.


Beaches – watch this map to see the best beaches
On a sunny day people gather at the beaches. In Aarhus the water is calm and excellent for children. It has to be warm to get in, but the danes do. Nearest beach is 7 km away Bellevue Strand, Fortevej, Risskov

Himmelbjerget- the mountain of the sky

Well Himmelbjerget (The mountain of the scy) sure aint high and a big hill. Still the surroundings have some of the most beautiful nature in Denmark. It´s a popular attraction for danes. The best way to go there is by boat from Silkeborg. Take the old ferry for about an hour which passes through lakes before it stops at the bottom at the hill. Up it goes for about a kilometer. The award is wonderful views and perhaps an icecream. Then take the ferry back to Silkeborg (about 45 minutes drive from Aarhus). Silkeborg is a nice town with good restaurants as well.

Hjejlen på silkeborgsøerne himmelbjerg
Favorite walk 1) The old watermill

In the big forest south of Aarhus the old watermill is situated. The walk from the watermill takes you to different types of forest that represent typical nature in Denmark during the last 1000 year. During the walk you will also reach the lovely Moesgaard beach. If you are interested in history visit Moesgaard museum nearby – or dine at the watermill.
Address: Moesgård Allé 20, 8270 Højbjerg (from this place is about 1 km to the watermill)

Favorite walk 2) Mols Bjerge National Park
Hilly Mols Bjerge National Park has lots of wonderful walks with views. About 40 minutes drive in car to get there. Suggestions: Go to Agri Bavnehøj or Trehøje.

Favorite walk 3) Kalø Vig Slotsruin: The old castle close to Rønde
On a small island one of the oldest castles in Denmark is placed. Kalø Slot is a ruined castle located in eastern Jutland, in Denmark, only 20 km from the city center of Aarhus. The castle was founded in 1313 by the Danish king Erik Menved in order to establish a stronghold in northern Jutland to counter the ongoing rebellions by the local nobility and peasants against the crown. The castle was successful and from the 15th century and onwards the castle had a more peaceful role as the local administrative center. To day a ruin but still charming. The walk takes about one-two hours getting there and forth.

Ebeltoft’s old town centre oozes of nostalgia. Cafés, restaurants and interesting shops are located idyllically in the winding medieval streets with cobblestones, half-timbered houses and hollyhocks. The town of Ebeltoft, with its historic town environment, is part of the national park. The town square is the heart of Ebeltoft, where market merchants, watchmen and the old town hall form a unique setting. Here, many tourists for example enjoy the weekly jazz concert. (about one hour driving distance)


If you want to experience the most deserted and wilderness place in Denmark go to Thy National Park. It takes about 2,5 hours in car. Expect unspoiled nature, big wawes and small charming villages. Suggestions: Stop in Vorupør, Stenbjerg and visit museumscenter Hanstholm. This is one of the biggest bunker complex in Denmark. During the occupation the germans built a lot of bunkers in Denmark and in Hanstholm a big cannon could control the north sea. Do you like surfing don´t miss Cold Hawaii, Klitmøller – one of the best surfing spots in Europe. Are you adventuroes and give damn in comfort you could sleep in a shelter placed in the forest or close to the Vesterhavet. (see map for shelters) (about two hours driving distance)

Skagen is Denmark’s northernmost town and the area surrounding it. Old charming city and very popular summer residence for wealthy danes. Driving distance about 220 km. Many famous danish painters lived in Skagen. Also visit Grenen, the top of Denmark.




The danish cooks are famous for making wonderfull dinners. Try Brdr. Koch if you look for something speciel or more inexpensive Nordisk Spisehus. See Visit Aarhus homepage.

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